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Receiving swell year round, Playa Grande is known for having the most consistent beach break in Costa Rica. Best conditions occur during the in coming mid – tide when the Southern Hemisphere swells prevail.


May to August. These months bring the most consistent surf with wave sizes ranging from chest to double overhead. Morning conditions with offshore winds and turns glassy with afternoon showers.


September to November. Swells are less frequent but pack more punch. Conditions consist of daily rain and onshore winds creating choppy surf.


December to February. Waves are hit or miss as only the bigger WNW swell now comes, but can produce clean 4-6 foot barrels and long rides. Rains subside and the "Papagayo Winds” begin, creating offshore conditions.


March to early May. Consistent surf returns as the southern swells arrive. The “Papagayo Winds” are subsiding.


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Marianela can arrange for surf instruction and boat charters to Ollie's Point and Witches Rock.  Contact Information: (800) 508-3585

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